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Here’s What You Told Us!

We asked and you answered: We're going to keep fighting to protect your earned Social Security and Medicare benefits! Here are the results from our recent polls:

Do you believe raising the retirement age will help strengthen Social Security or will it harm all Americans, particularly lower- and middle-class working Americans, who will be forced to work longer in physically demanding jobs?

HARM = 94%
HELP = 2%

Do you think funds from the Social Security and Medicare programs should always be dedicated for earned benefits only, and never be applied to another program?

YES = 90%
NO = 8%


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New Bill in U.S. House Boosts Social Security Benefits, Keeps System Solvent for Decades

Legislation just introduced in the U.S. House would put extra money in Social Security beneficiaries’ pockets while keeping the system solvent through the rest of this century. Rep. John Larson’s Social Security 2100 Act does all of that and something more: It gives lie to the myth that Social Security is going bankrupt and the only way to fix it is by cutting benefits.

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